Residential Roof Repair in Georgetown, TX

Roof Inspection Services

If you’re moving into a new home in GEORGETOWN and want to be sure the roof is in good condition, Altitude Roofing will assess the condition of the home you’re considering before you buy it. We inspect the entire roof for storm damage, loose shingles, and leaks or holes penetrating attic vents, sky lights, chimneys, antennae, and other vents. Our inspection includes ventilation, valley flashings, as well as hip and ridge cap shingles.

Knowing that your roof is in excellent condition brings you peace of mind, and that’s what Altitude Roofing does for you. We make your roof live longer — without leaks or missing shingles.

Hire Altitude Roofing for your GEORGETOWN inspection.  Just complete the contact form, and we’ll schedule your appointment.

Roof Repair

So many homeowners need smaller roof repair over a larger roof installation. Altitude Roofing manages many roof repairs, and that’s especially true after heavy storms with rain and/or wind. Leaking roofs are the most common repair we service in GEORGETOWN. After that, we replace the cheap hip- and ridge-cap shingles that crooked sales people sell to homeowners. These are the first things to crack or blow off a roof during storms. Altitude Roofing installs top-quality materials during repairs so this doesn’t happen. We know that homeowners are at the mercy of roofing sales people; however, Altitude Roofing serves its customers with integrity. Our word is our bond.

Maintenance Services

Due to the high heat and dryness in the Austin area, roofs require regular maintenance. When the best roofing company like Altitude Roofing is hired to regularly maintain your roof after installation, we make your roof live longer.

One area we look at is flashing. Flashing is installed around every vent, skylight, and chimney to prevent leaks into the attic. A sealant is required to cover the flashing nails; however, sunlight damages the sealant causing it to crack. If the roof is not maintained, then cracks become wider, and eventually leaks occur. The short answer is — we live in central Texas! It’s hot with intense sun. Hire Altitude Roofing to inspect and maintain your roof.

Roof Installation

At Altitude Roofing, we guide you through a roofing installation with little anxiety or stress. Our process is simple:

1. We evaluate the condition of your roof and property directed by Altitude Roofing’s expert team. We are certified to identify property issues like wood rot, insect infestation, algae, or poor construction.
2. With permission, we enter your home and inspect the attic interior, vent and skylight installations, and other areas pertaining to the roof.
3. Altitude Roofing guides you through the process from start to finish.
4. Once we feel comfortable with the full condition of your home, we develop a plan of action to complete a new roof install on time and on budget.
5. We consult with you about recommended materials, order the materials, schedule the labor, deliver the materials, and conduct the work. Throughout the job, we protect landscaping and nightly, we use a nail roller to pick up any roofing nails and other debris to keep the work area safe and clean.

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